The Ninety One Series |||


Because stealth editing is for the weak!

(And for me thirty seconds after I published, going back and forth between what I thought I’d written and how the page actually looked. But now that we’re well past that point, it’s time for me to start noting where I made mistakes.)

Part 1:

  • you’ve probably already guess that” — changed to guessed.”
  • Changed life-enhacing” to life-enhancing.”
  • Changed One time a cold-emailed” to One time I cold-emailed”
  • Changed idolpop” to idol-pop” in the third paragraph from the end.

Part 2:

  • BTS was a relatively unhyped group from a new, small Korean idol-pop companies when it debuted in 2013… Changed companies” to company.” (Thanks to helena for seeing that one.)
  • …on you can find footage of everyone from Michael Jackson to Robert de Niro to Lady Gaga stopping by SMAPxSMAP.” Deleted the on,” which was left over from an earlier, more convoluted construction of the sentence.” (Thanks to helena for spotting that one too.)
  • Changed “Asnd just as with BTS to And just as with BTS.
  • Added album” to the greatest-hits compilation”.
  • In the discussion of SMAP, changed eeeping” to keeping”.
  • Changed thre magazine Bunshun to the magazine Bunshun
  • Italicized Billboard” in next-to-last paragraph.

Part 3:

  • Removed stray comma from Korean idol pop, benefited”.
  • Not a correction so much as an update: the original caption to the picture from Ninety One’s long-ago Twitter feed linked to an old username (xciofficial); as of January 2022 this is their official Twitter account.

Part 4:

  • Put comma inside quotation marks in footnote 5.
  • Changed The Ministry has also, through KOCCA, sponsored events designed to promote Korean idol pop abroad, such as KCON, the now-frequent conventions outside Korea that rely mostly on idol-pop concerts but also spotlight Korean culture and products and…” to The Ministry has also, through KOCCA, sponsored events designed to promote Korean idol pop abroad, such as the idol-pop-featuring, Korean-culture-themed convention KCON and…” (after I read that sentence twice and couldn’t quite make heads or tails of it.)

Part 5:

  • Changed sexy-jam-singing” to sex-jam-singing”.
  • Added caption (with proper YouTube link) to the screenshot of AZ.
  • Changed produced version” to produced versions”.
  • Reversed Kimura Takuya’s family and given names to keep consistent with other Japanese names in the series.
  • Changed group in roughly” to group for roughly”.
  • Not a correction, since it was accurate at the time, but: the link in footnote 11 went to a picture on Ace’s personal Instagram feed, where he displayed a Baqytty bol (in Kazakh, be happy”) homemade sign given to him by a fan. It was very cute, and also effective for perpetuating the in-joke. But in the run-up to the release of Darn,” Ninety One’s most recent single as of this update, all of the members used the conventional but annoying promotional tactic of wiping their Instagram feeds. So I had to change the link to an excerpt from a fanmade video that also makes the point, albeit less succinctly.

Part 6:

  • Split one sentence into two at the end of the Jang Ja-yeon paragraph, for better readability.
  • Deleted the first instance of potential” from two different potential parts to this potential complicity”.

Part 7:

  • Fixed italics in Footnote 6.
  • Added the accent on the final vowel of animé”.
  • In the same paragraph as the previous change, changed it’s a” to ‘E.Yeah’ is a”.
  • Changed quote him at length” to quote Hall at length”.
  • In the first paragraph of disco, capitalized Black” (which is arguably anachronistic, but leaving it uncapitalized would’ve been inconsistent with other parts) and added a link back to Part 5.
  • Changed seven thousands words on” to seven thousand words on”.

Part 8:

  • In the fourth paragraph, added a moment” to that is either genuinely staged…”.
  • Deleted contemptuously” before incredulous” in seventh paragraph.
  • In the Bay City Rollers section, changed origianlly” to originally”.

Part 9:

  • Changed wander around beautiful scenery” to and wander around beautiful scenery”.
  • Changed 230,000 Uyghur” to 230,000 Uyghurs”.
  • Changed technology. or example” to technology. For example”.
  • Added missing comma after parentheses in sentence beginning In 2017 Huawei…”.

Part 10:

  • Removed rogue close-parenthesis in Bari Biled” section.
  • Changed furrowed” to furrowing” in Footnote 12. Changed furrowing” to funneling”—I don’t know why my brain thought that substitution worked but thanks again to helena for correcting me.

Part 11:

  • Fixed a bad link in Footnote 4.

(That’s what I’ve found so far, but if you find more typos or errors, please do let me know.)

this page last updated 8 January 22