The Ninety One Series |||


Because stealth editing is for the weak!

(And for me thirty seconds after I published, going back and forth between what I thought I’d written and how the page actually looked. But now that we’re well past that point, it’s time for me to start noting where I made mistakes.)

Part 1:

  • …even if you don’t know what I mean by that you’ve probably already guess that it won’t lead to anything solid or rich or life-ehancing.” Changed guess” to guessed.”

Part 2:

  • BTS was a relatively unhyped group from a new, small Korean idol-pop companies when it debuted in 2013… Changed companies” to company.” (Thanks to helena for seeing that one.)

  • …on you can find footage of everyone from Michael Jackson to Robert de Niro to Lady Gaga stopping by SMAPxSMAP.” Deleted the on,” which was left over from an earlier, more convoluted construction of the sentence.” (Thanks to helena for spotting that one too.)

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